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Selling for the Highest Price

If you're looking to sell your home for the highest price possible, what do you do?

First, the property needs to be listed at market price. This is determined by a Comparative Market Analysis, which will show you what similar properties are currently on the market in your area, which have sold, and which were on the market but didn't sell. Why don't some properties sell? Because they're overpriced.

Second, you need to have your property well presented in the marketplace. This means a number of things, including professional photos and floorplans. Taking photos of a property with an iphone and posting them online just doesn't cut it, and shows that the realtor is not willing to take the time and spend the money to present your home properly. Poor photos obviously won't help your property sell and they're sometimes worse than no photos at all! The realtor should always have photos taken at their expense.

Third, when interest is generated in your property, it is critical for your realtor to contact everyone who has visited it, to see if he or she can generate more interest. This can result in multiple offers at once, which puts the seller in control, and provides the best opportunity for the highest price. And even during the multiple offer process, a skilled listing realtor can generate several rounds of bidding, resulting in an impressive sale price.

We have had considerable success in generating multiple offers on many properties, in some cases getting several hundred thousand dollars over the asking price. If you are thinking of selling your house, we'd be happy to give you an honest and accurate market evaluation of it, so you know where you stand, and what your options are. There is never any cost or obligation attached to this.

Thanks for reading.

Maureen and Paul